Formerly known as TWIG

Only a hyper-local carbon footprint was created in the making of this biochar

Designed by nature.
To remove Greenhouse Gases

carbon offsetting is changing

the capchar charter

CapChar is a Hyper-Local Carbon Capture Solution (CCS)

We are building a circular, decentralised model for carbon sequestration in the UK.

Our Global Greenhouse Gas Debt Burden is PAST, PRESENT and if we do NOTHING, FUTURE!

The Climate Emergency is HERE. We need solutions NOW.

build a 'positive impact' process

A NOW solution

To build a waste-free world


To clean up our air


To drive positive impact

Protect & Restore UK Soils

To fix
our climate

BUILD a HYPER-LOCAL low carbon model

the roots of our company

Every one of our team members is devoted to
the challenge of delivering Net-Zero 2050.

Chintan Mahida
chintan mahida
Co Founder
Adam Samuel
adam samuel
Co Founder
Allan Samuel
allan samuel
Board Advisor
Ian McChesney
ian mcchesney
Engineering Advisor