A Local . Circular .
Greenhouse Gas Removal Solution


Capchar takes wet woody biomass, pyrolyses it and sequesters the biochar (carbon) into UK soils.

Understand the Climate Crisis CHALLENGE

2,400bn tonnes of CO2

have been EMITTED since 1850

86% of our carbon budget

ALREADY blown by humanity

ONLY leak 400bn tonnes

to have a 66% chance of keeping to 1.5C

7 years of emissions left at today's levels

remaining of global carbon budget at start of 2021

We must implement stable carbon removal technology AT SCALE TODAY.

JUST 1% of 33bn tonnes global annual emissions

removed by Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)

“Capchar is the fast-track of nature’s own climate solution. With every tonne of CO2 we sequester, we reinvigorate our soils with stable carbon stored over generations.”

Adam Samuel


SUSTAINABLE Carbon Removal
Made in the UK

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) notes biochar is one of the most promising CO2 negative emissions technologies.

By transforming biomass residues into stable carbon; Biochar, we can store it in soil, right here, in the UK, helping it to meet its net zero goals.

Better still, sequestered in soil, Biochar offers carbon removal permanence WITH value added benefits.