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Carbon Dioxide Removal Solution #CDR


Reduce vs Remove Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Simply we have to do both, collaboratively we must reduce AND remove global emissions today

Our Mission

To verify the removal of 1m+ tonnes CO2e by the end of 2030 using a decentralised network of biochar operations

1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide sequestered

How will we achieve this?

Carbon Software Platform

CO2 Capchar Platform
Material chain of custody tracking and verified carbon removal certificates

Proprietary Kiln Technology

CapChar Prototype Pyrolysis Technology
New batch dryer/kiln pyrolysis technology for converting low grade wood chips into biochar

Pyrolysis Plant Projects

Technology Projects Pyrolysis Plant
Larger pyrolysis plant projects to produce heat, electricity, biochar and carbon removal certificates

Why Now?

Markets ready for the technology

Electricity and heat price increases

Carbon price 3x increases in 12 months

Today solutions needed now

We must implement stable carbon removal technology AT SCALE TODAY.

JUST 1% of 33bn tonnes global annual emissions

removed by Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)

“Capchar is the fast-track of nature’s own climate solution. With every tonne of CO2 we sequester, we reinvigorate our soils with stable carbon stored over generations.”

Adam Samuel


SUSTAINABLE Carbon Removal
Made in the UK

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) notes biochar is one of the most promising CO2 negative emissions technologies.

By transforming biomass residues into stable carbon; Biochar, we can store it in soil, right here, in the UK, helping it to meet its net zero goals.

Better still, sequestered in soil, Biochar offers carbon removal permanence WITH value added benefits.

Supporters & Partners

Supporter - Cohort 7

Supporter - Ammonia Emissions

Partner - First Project