Batch Pyrolysis Kiln Technology Programme


Our Technology Mission

To develop a suite of low capex modular batch pyrolysis kiln technology, to facilitate the scale up of UK wide biochar production and sequestration

Prototype kiln development

Pyrolysis Kiln Development Challenges

Designing batch pyrolysis kiln technology to suit a range of scenarios provides the following challenges: 

Feedstock Material Volume

Feedstock material volume

One size does NOT fit all – Each site will have specific feedstock volume, availability and continuity

Material Type and Handling

Feedstock type and handling

Heterogeneous feedstock – Biomass comes in different particle sizes and shapes with various handling operations to consider

Location and Resources

Not all site locations are equal – Stranded biomass in hard to reach locations vs more centralised operations

Future Suite Of Technology Solutions To Include

Volume options from 2-20m3

Waste heat recovery for drying/heating

Mobile and modular design

Automation control systems

Development of our C2 Prototype Kiln supported by:

OxLep Business & ERDF

Looking for a Pyrolysis Kiln To Get Started?

Demand is high for our low capex pyrolysis kiln technology and we are currently working on our first 2m3 prototype kiln. Unfortunately we don’t have any for sale, but are working hard to expedite the journey to commercialisation.

We would love to hear from you to find out more about your operation and biochar production plan. In the meantime join our waitlist to register you interest.